Posted by: jpdcruz | February 7, 2011

BOOKas Palad Foundation thanksgiving party!!

Yesterday, February 6, 2011 our group had the implementation of our Project development deliverable which is, renovating a public school library somewhere in Cavite. It was very much tiring and stressful but when we saw the finished output, everything paid off!!

*The pictures in the said activity will be posted SOON! For now, I’ll focus on the scrumptious dinner that we had last night*

We arrived there at around 11am (we were 2 hours late on our schedule due to “Filipino time” and lots of pit stops) and the teachers of the school welcomed us and we dint know that. After few chit chats with them and giving of certificates, we immediately started renovating their library (from 11:30am-6pm). We are 11 in the group so everything has a task to do and no time to slack. Painting the walls, the cabinet, cleaning the books were not that easy to do and we really felt how is it to be a construction worker/maintenance for a mean time. But all our hard work paid off when we saw the outcome of what we did so to celebrate a good job done, we had our scrumptious dinner at Shakeys!!

First dish, Pasta (Spaghetti and Carbonara)!!!

The spaghetti dint reach us, so we had Carbonara instead (No hard feelings!!!).

Second dish, Pizza (Veggies and Pepperoni)!!!

Last but not the least, Chick n’ chips (Fried chicken and Mojos)!!!


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