Posted by: jpdcruz | January 23, 2011

Tagaytay: 1st Family escapade for 2011!

Had our preliminary exams last week. As expected, all of my brain cells were drained. Fortunately, my parents planned a trip to Tagaytay, a day after our exams end. It was not actually a trip but rather a religious thingy ‘cuz we went on Pink Sister’s convent which is believed to grant your wishes (for a 1st timer and YES I am!) once you stepped in to that place and pray. 🙂

We leave the house as early as 6am ‘cuz we don’t wanna be stuck on a heavy traffic and I got so excited ‘cuz I can’t wait to experience the coldness of Tagaytay!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

On our way to Pink Sister’s Convent, we ran across the foggy road and I was amazed when I saw it!! LOL!

We arrived in the Pink Sister’s convent almost at the half of the mass already. We dint know that there’s only 1 mass every morning so we thought on making up for the next mass. But the next scheduled mass would be at 5pm so what we just did instead were to pray inside the chapel and WISH!

The Pink Sister’s Chapel

Spotted: Sister in PINK! 🙂

Picture taking! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! 😉

Idk if Lola dint notice the camera or maybe she was just messing with us! LMAO!! 😀

Mom got crazy about the low-priced veggies outside the church so she did some “Panic buying”…. Not only veggies but also plants…

After the stressful panic-buying, FINALLY!!!! a peek of heaven!! What a nice view!! 😀

I love the climate and the breath-taking views on Tagaytay and it makes me wanna live there FOREVER!!

When we got home, I immediately washed the fresh from the soil lettuce that my mom bought and topped it with macaroni salad which made it “garden macaroni salad”!! The result was a SCRUMPTIOUS meal!!

Can’t wait to have more family bondings this year. No specific dates yet but for sure there will be more to come!!! 😀

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