Posted by: jpdcruz | January 15, 2011

I consider these as my achievements!!

I reviewed everything happened to me last year and thought of posting a blog about my little achievements I’ve got from the world of fashionistas. I considered the second-half of 2010 as my lucky months ‘cuz that’s when I got my so-called achievements. 🙂

So here they are:

1. After almost 5 months in Lookbook, see what I’ve achieved. (Click here to view my page)

3000+ people visited my page and it means an average of two people visit my page everyday! Not bad right?! 🙂

All of these were zeros when I started, but now they’ve really improved and it’s very flattering to know that. (Except for the forum topics which is still zero. LOL!) 😀

2. Met some of the famous people in Lookbook (not only in LB but also in the whole fashion industry) that I came across with.

A peek on their profiles: Chiara and Andre

Check their profiles here: Jordan, Barbara, and Luke.

My tweet got retweeted by an icon. Lovin’ it!! 😀 Check Filippo.

3. Established friendship all over the globe!

*Grabbed pic from LA’s blog*

Met this stylish girl from lookbook, named LA, and suddenly we became best of online buddies. 😀 Check her site here.

4. Last but not the least, FASHION OFFERS!!! 😀

Submitted a photo on Manila Streetstyle and luckily it got picked. They offered me to be featured on their site but unfortunately, I need to turned down their offer (it’s a long story :().

On the night before the New Year’s eve, I received this e-mail and I got shocked when I read it. Then I said to myself “THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!”. Click here to view their site which will be launch VERY SOON and I’m gonna be a part of it!!

Hayy, lots of thing happened and I can’t get over them!! 😀

I don’t mean to brag or anything in this post. I just wanna show to everyone how blessed I am the past year and will hopefully continue this 2011!



  1. really liked this post

    • thank you so much!! 😉

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