Posted by: jpdcruz | January 3, 2011

Things to do this 2011!

While everyone’s doing their own new year’s resolution, I’d rather list down things to do this 2011 ‘cuz I know these sound doable than keeping a resolution/s that I may not fulfill. 😛

1. Save at least Php 150 per day
2. Have at least one new clothes/shoes every month
3. Shopping will take place only once a month or whenever there’s a big sale!
4. Try to limit the time allotted for surfing the net as much as possible and review some lessons instead
5. Make a little studio on the corner of my room
6. Work on my fitness (Jogging/Exercise) every morning
7. Write a blog at least once a week

to be continued………………………….

This list is not yet finish ‘cuz everytime something pops up in mind I’ll list it down here so I’ll be get reminded of the things I need to do, this year of the rabbit!!!! 😀



  1. haha You will have to work hard on that!!! 😉


    • yeah I really need to LA. I just hope this 2011 won’t be tough on me. 🙂

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