Posted by: jpdcruz | January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

After my birthday celebration on the 30th of December, another event came up and that was the New year’s eve! My most favorite event of all. 😀


Afternoon on the 31st, me, my mom, and my uncle already started preparing food for the Media Noche. As usual each of us has its own specialty and no wonder I was tasked to make the dessert. 😉 My mom cooked first the main course which was Giniling na menudo and at the same time my uncle was grilling the fish on the open-space part of our house. They were busy on the kitchen and lot of utensils were in there so I let them finish before doing my turn. While waiting, I just watched the TV and did some cleaning stuffs. 🙂

Preppin’ up.

When they were done, I rushed immediately on the kitchen ‘cuz I can’t wait to taste the scrumptious Maja Blanca that I’ll cook. While cooking, I had lots of taste test and damn I was dying to put it already in the fridge ‘cuz it was so DELICIOUS!! LOL! 😀

We were getting close!!!

Mom getting some moments first!

Finally!! Our humble media noche! 😉

It was already past 6 in the evening when all the dishes were done so what we just did was to kill time and we decided to had videoke. 😉

Me with my not-so-drunk dad. LOL!

Mom and Dad ❤

30 minutes before the new year, had some family snap shots first. Here are some.

As always, lolo wants a candid shot. 😛

What’s up with my lolo and my dad?? LMAO!

Had a wonderful new year’s eve ever ‘cuz I’m with my grannies. Looking forward to more events with them! 🙂


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