Posted by: jpdcruz | January 1, 2011

Oh shawty it’s my birthday!!!

Damn, I feel so old ‘cuz I’m not a teen anymore!!!!

Last December 30, 2010, I celebrated my 20 years of existence on earth and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a loving family. 🙂 The celebration was very simple ‘cuz my family we’re not used to having a large party or whatsoever and it was also my request to keep it very simple. I even asked my mom if she could just give me the money instead and I’ll just have a shopping spree on my own. A day of pampering for myself. hehe! But it rained that day so I got lazy to leave the house. 😉

December 30 is supposedly a non-working holiday but it was moved on Monday (December 27) so my parents needed to leave for work. I just texted my mom to buy Christmas bucket feast on KFC and pizza from Pizza Hut ‘cuz it would be less hassle on our part. No more cooking and no more washing tons of dishes!! My mom also bought pancit and damn that was good! Yummiest pancit ever!! 🙂

For vanity purposes and remembrance, picture taking first before indulging on the scrumptious foods and here are some of the pics! 😀

I really had fun ‘cuz I ate a lot. LMAO!

Thank you God for adding another 1 year in my life and for the blessings you have given to my family! 😀


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