Posted by: jpdcruz | December 27, 2010

Back to back family reunion 2010!!

I dint expect this year’s holidays to be so much fun ‘cuz we had our semi family reunion on both sides (Mom and Dad). Things just happened very fast and fortunately things turned out well and the result was a BLAST!! 😀

December 25, 2010 (Mom’s side)

On Christmas day, we had our ESCAPADE meaning “takas/tago sa mga inaanak”. LOL! We ended up going to my Uncle’s house in Cavite. Actually it was already planned and since everyone’s available day is only on Christmas day, we had no choice but to gave up something on our part and that was our “papasko to the inaanaks”. We left the house early in the morning and we dropped by to the church to pray and greet Papa Jesus a happy birthday. Then we fetch my other Uncle in San Juan along with his family to come with us in Cavite. We arrived in Cavite as early as 8:30 am and yes we were all sleepy heads ‘cuz all of us woke up very early. While waiting for the food to be served, I played with my cousins. It rained that time so we had no choice but to stay in the house so what we just did was to play in the treadmill. My cousins ages are 6 and 2? (not sure though. :P) but they managed to walk/run in the treadmill. Hahaha! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my camera and my phone was at it’s battery limit so I just watched ’em. How cute tiny little creatures!!! 😀

We ate at around 9 am and there were Pork and Chicken barbecue, Pancit and Sinigang na Isda (I can’t remember the name of that “ISDA”. LMAO!:P) served. For the dessert was the creamy, sweet, yummy LECHE FLAN which is my all-time favorite!! I tried to limit my “little” cravings but I can’t do nothing so I almost ate the one whole serving of leche flan. 😀

As much as we wanted to stay there to have some chit chats, my Lolo asked us to go home already. We left at around 12 in the afternoon and my uncle gave me my “pamasko”. 😀

We got home at 5. It was Christmas day that day so traffic was everywhere at that time.

December 26, 2010 (Dad’s side)

This just happened yesterday so everything is still fresh on my mind. 😀

I woke up very early to help my mom in preparing the food. I peeled off potatoes for the adobo, sliced tons of garlic and onions and lots of things. My dad left the house to pick my Titos and Titas in Sta. Ana, Manila and they arrived home at exactly lunch time. Good thing, we were already done preparing the food so we served it on-time. 🙂

After lunch, it was time for cousins bonding moment while the adults were drinking alcohols/wines. We watched The Last Airbender and Saw 3D. The last freaked us all out ‘cuz there were scenes that was not a normal thing to do!! Whew! But I guess we all had fun. After that, we did cam-whoring and took vain shots. hahaha! Now I know what our common denominator is!! 😀

Before dinner time, I asked them to had a family picture first. So here it is.

The flash of the camera bounced back in the pic ‘cuz I placed it on top near a figurine. But still I love it! My grannies on my mom’s side, are the center of attraction since my grannies on dad’s side are both in heaven (RIP, Lolo Giming and Lola Caridad). Idk, if my Lolo was busy watching the TV or maybe he wanted a candid shot?! LMAO!! 😀

They spent overnight in our house (which was unplanned ;)) and leave the house 4am this day. 😀

Both of my Titos and Titas gave me my “pamasko” so I felt like a kid again for a moment. I’m gonna save it for my shopping spree on the coming year.

I love my one whole big family!!!! I hope many bondings to come so we can get closer as time goes by!! 😀

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