Posted by: jpdcruz | December 19, 2010

Paskuhan 2010

Happened last December 17, 2010 on UST Grandstand. This paskuhan celebration marked the start of next year’s UST celebration of her 400th year. Bands like Up Dharma Down, Franco, Kamikazee and Pupil performed and we got all excited!! This year’s paskuhan was also our last ‘cuz me and my friends we’ll be all graduating on March (Hopefully!). As much as we wanted to celebrate this year’s event memorably we dint make it. *sigh* Lots of things happened and it’s just sad ‘cuz the barkada were not complete during the fireworks presentation. That’s why I keep on saying that I prefer last year’s paskuhan than this year. We had fun I guess even though things happened. Hopefully next year (we’re all alumni), we’ll be all complete ‘cuz it’s really different if the barkada are complete.

Grabbed some photos c/o Pau’s and post it here. 🙂

Paskuhan fireworks never fail to amaze me and the event itself! Since I stepped in to UST it’s my most awaited event at the end of the year. Next Paskuhan, we’ll going to attend it as professionals already and not students anymore. 🙂 Weeee!! So excited!!! 😀


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