Posted by: jpdcruz | December 19, 2010

Go get them, bite them, beat them!!

Last December 13-15 we had our retreat in the beautiful place of Caleruega. I dint expect that retreat to be so memorable and fun. Though it was very tiring, I really had a great time ‘cuz I get to know my classmates very well and bonded with them even for such a short time. We enjoy the breath-taking sceneries of the place and little we did enjoy the food, I guess, ‘cuz it was limited. *sigh* The sessions were very draining on our part ‘cuz we cried a lot most of the time but it was good ‘cuz we said what we wanna say to each other whether they were good or bad.

I won’t forget this experience ever!!! I’m definitely Proud to be 4E5

Caleruega is the place to be if you want to meditate and to find peace in yourself! For three 3 days and 2 nights, my mind was enlightened and as if I have no problems in mind. Definitely this won’t be the last time I’ll visit Caleruega!! 😀


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