Posted by: jpdcruz | November 29, 2010

I’ll be famous one day! Wait and see!

Last Wednesday (November 24, 2010) I posted a new look on Lookbook. It’s been weeks since I posted my last look and I’m really itching to post a new one but my schedule won’t let me.

Fortunately, Wednesday morning before going to school, I found a time and squeezed in a lil photo shoot. Usually, it took me an hour and a half to prepare and to produce pictures that I can say Lookbook worthy. But on that morning it only took me 15-20 minutes to produce another one. 🙂

Did some minor editing first then upload it on Lookbook immediately ‘cuz I’ll be late for school at that time. When I arrived home (at around 9pm), I checked my e-mail after eating my dinner and got shocked ‘cuz 4 people fanned me in Lookbook. Opened my account asap and checked the status of my look. Only to find out it was posted on Lookbook’s hot page and I was like “WOOWWW!”. My first time ever to be posted on the hot page.

Since it’s my first time, took a snap shots of it for remembrance ‘cuz I don’t know if my next look will be posted again on the hot page. hehe! 🙂

OMG! I was very much overwhelmed ‘cuz I consider this as an achievement. Too much happiness, I accidentally blurted to my mom about my Lookbook account. hahaha! She saw it and she liked it!! I even asked for DSLR as a Christmas gift but she changed the topic. (Thanks mom!) 😀

I also checked my status on Philippines’ lookbook-ers on my 1st day and my look debut on the 7th to the last on guys category with the most hyped look. Again, I was very much flattered by this news! 🙂

On the 2nd day, I checked again my look’s status in the Philippines and I got surprised ‘cuz I was placed on the 10th spot, for both guys and girls category and 3rd spot for the guys category with the most hyped look. Joining the famous Tricia Gosingtian, Paul Jatayna, Andre Judd and many more fashionable people. I almost freaked out when I knew this!! 🙂

On the third day, my ranking went up. From 10th to 8th in guys and girls category and 2nd from the guys category with the most hyped look. OMG!! I died!! LMAO! 😀

Now, I checked my look and since many looks were uploaded my ranking dropped on the 15th spot. I dint feel bad at all ‘cuz I already had and experienced the “spotlight” everyone aspires of. 🙂

Because of this, I’m inspired to post more looks on my Lookbook account hoping that I’ll be featured on the site’s hot page again. hehe! 😉

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