Posted by: jpdcruz | November 28, 2010

What did I buy??

Every 15th and the end of the month, many malls are having sales. As a shopping enthusiast, I can’t take it and my “shopaholic nerves” if I’m not going to attend to this sale ‘cuz I know I’ll definitely gonna have great buys. My budget for this sale is Php 3,000. The money that I save after so many weeks of eating crackers almost everyday and controlling myself not to go anywhere which I know, will cost me a lot. hahaha!

This sale, I was planning to buy a coat from Forever 21 (the one in my previous post) and acid-washed pants from Oxygen. I went first on the latter, ‘cuz it’s the nearest from the mall’s entrance, but no acid-washed pants available. The sales lady told me, it was already out-of-stock. I got disappointed when I found out. 😦 Checked their other pants but nothing amazed me. So I went next to Forever 21, hoping that the coat is still available. After 15 minutes of searching, no coat was found. I asked the store assistant and only to find out that the coat was out-of-stock (AGAIN!!!!). In short say, my plans were totally ruin. 😦

What I just did instead, was to look for other clothes that can substitute my original plan. I sticked in Forever 21 to look for other buys.

Then here’s what I’ve got!

1st buy: Knitted top long sleeves from 21 men

After searching the store for almost half an hour, I found this. It’s Php 915. Great stuff isn’t it?! 🙂 Actually, I was comparing the cardigan worth Php 965 and this. But when I tried the cardigan it’s too baggy on me and I don’t wanna wear baggy clothes on our Christmas party. Also, this top is much cheaper than the cardigan so I bought it immediately. 🙂

I already have a top but no pants yet. So I store-hopped and look for the acid-washed pants that I want.

I went first to Folded and Hung, then Penshoppe, Bench, Human, People are People and 101 New York but these stores don’t have the pants that I’m looking for. I really got frustrated and tired ‘cuz idk what will I do next. I also even checked the department store but I dint find any. 😦

What I did, headed back to Forever 21 and look for another buy. Then, I got this!!

2nd buy: Plaid long sleeves from 21 men (Php 1065)

I think twice in buying this plaid ‘cuz I want acid-washed pants more. And since I dint find any, I decided to buy this. 🙂 (Idk when I’m going to wear this. My birthday? New year?? It depends. hahaha! :D)

3rd buy: Flip flops from Bench (Php 139)

Thought of buying flip flops for our upcoming retreat this December ‘cuz all my flip flops are already worn out and in a bad condition so it’s time to buy a new pair. 🙂

4th buy: Statement tee from American Boulevard (Php 149)

This tee caught my attention ‘cuz of it’s cheap price. Dint think twice and immediately bought it. 🙂

After the clothes, went to the bookstore and bought some school supplies. Spent almost Php 250 for highlighter, plastic envelope, clips, and post-its.

CALCULATION: I spent Php 2500+ and I still have roughly Php 500 left. I’ll save this money till the next sale! 🙂

Very tiring but fun!

Shopping is not really a stressful thing to do for me. It in fact relaxes me more when I shop.

Till the next sale peeps! 😉


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