Posted by: jpdcruz | November 13, 2010

Forever 21’s freaking news!!

OMG!!! This just in! 😀

Last Wednesday, Forever 21 announced their November special marked down on chosen items. At this time, lots of 21 men lines are out compared to their previous sales and I’m very much happy to know that! 🙂 Along with this, was the announcement of Forever 21’s gift card (1,000 and 2,000 pesos denominations) and everyone was like going crazy including me!! I want those gift cards (I think 2000 is enough for me!) and the marked down 21 men items!

Damn! Forever 21 is getting into my shopaholic nerves and I’m freaking out now ‘cuz I wanna go there immediately ‘cuz I’m sure I’ll definitely have great buys!

Browsed their facebook fan page and saw these possible buys I wanna have when I go there one of these days.

Disclaimer: All pictures shown below are not to the owner of this blog. Forever 21’s facebook fan page owns them.

1. Men’s coat for only Php 519

When I saw this, I was completely stunned ‘cuz I can’t believe that they’ll sell it for a cheap price. Definitely, my top priority when I go to Forever 21.

2. Red plaid polo for Php 519

Red plaid polo w/ hoodie for Php 519

I love both the plaids and I’m confused which one to buy. As much as I wanted to have them both, I don’t have that big budget. LOL! The polo w/ the hoodie attracts me most ‘cuz it’s not the usual one. But I love the simplicity of the brilliant red plaid one. Hmm?? which one? which one?? I’m so confused!!!!

3. Leopard printed sunnies (idk how much!)

These sunnies are awesome, aren’t they? They’re so trendy since animal prints are very in lately and I wanna have one!! 🙂 I think these are less than Php 500. Not sure though!

Saw these fab oxfords and boots and it makes me wanna have ’em! Idk if they are for girls but as long as they have no heels (high), men are safe to wear them! 😀

I told to myself that I will not go shopping this month ‘cuz I need to save lotsa money for the coming Christmas season but I can’t resist the Forever 21’s calling. Every cell and nerve of my body screams “Forever 21 SALE!!!!” and I effin’ hate this feeling!!!!!!! 😀


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