Posted by: jpdcruz | November 10, 2010

They are the reason why I love college!

Enrollment day so me and my friends took this opportunity to bond and enjoy the wonders of our university ‘cuz it will be our last sem (hopefully!). In my 4 years stay in UST, I think I’ve met different kinds of people. The elites/socialites, the average, and the minorities. If I’m going to categorize me and my friends, I think we fall on the partial average and partial minorities. We never assume and will never be on the elites’ side ‘cuz we simply don’t want to be like ’em and if we pretend to be one we’ll surely sucks! 🙂

Fun describes our friendship and this is what I’m going to miss the most when we go our separate ways this coming graduation.

Few pics in our so-called bonding moment. I was the photographer of the day since I’m the owner the camera. *sigh*

lunch at Greenwich, UST car park after the enrollment

this is one of the few pics I have with ’em. :l

here comes our food!!

love the lighting baby!!

loving the main building background! 🙂

failed jump shot!

last shot before going home!

I’ll definitely miss the college life!! Being a student and stuffs and the people surrounding you. Such an amazing experience ever in my entire life! 🙂


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