Posted by: jpdcruz | November 5, 2010

What is this blog all about?

Read few blogs then I got inspired to post a new one here. hehe!

Hmmm.. someone may ask and raise their eyebrows, what’s this blog all about? is it into fashion? photography? It seems like a piece of trash. How rude. :l

(Before we get into details, let’s do some history first. hehe!) Actually, I started blogging way back 2007 using the Friendster blog site. I usually blogged about random stuffs like what happened to me on that specific day or anything that amazed or surprised me and the like. Though few people were visiting my blog, I was not discouraged to delete it ‘cuz my goal was to express myself and not to gain popularity. Unlike on social networking sites, blogging entertains me the most and challenges me to bring out the “intellectual” side that I have (if there’s any. LOL!). I also considered blogging as my “sanctuary” and my best friend. Idk but sometimes I feel so alone and the only thing I can turn too is the internet. I admit I’m an internet junkie and I’m glued to the internet world! (Okay, too much drama so gonna cut it. hahaha!)

Just recently, I was inspired to create a new blog that’s close on a platform of being a professional after getting hooked to the blogs of Chico Garcia, DJ Mo Twister and a lot more! I must say, they are my icons when it comes to blogging and I definitely wanna be like ’em. So last month, I decided to create a new blog here in wordpress. Hooray!! 😀

After creating my account, idk what would be the suited theme or forte of my blog ‘cuz random stuffs were popping in my head. I wanna have photography theme but I only have an amateur-ish camera which is totally FML! Thought of having a fashion blog too but I only get to shop once or twice a month so my blog will turn out to be so lame and indeed a piece of trash! Hmmm.. (thinking very deeply) So, I’ve decided to stick on literal “random stuffs” since I have many ideas in mind and I wanna talk about everything that will interest me. As you can see on my entries, various topics are all over. hahaha! But I still tried to pursue having the photography theme even with the use of my lovely LOSER! camera. *sigh* Fashion? I posted two entries about it. First was the Forever 21 sale that happened on mid-October and me attending the 2nd Forever 21 sale and talked about the stuffs that I bought.

Actually, it is hard to maintain a blog especially if you’re running out of ides and laziness is with you everytime. *sigh* Thanks to Youtube you can browse their videos and voila! instant topic for your blog. hehe! In fact, I have no intention of writing a blog today ‘cuz I’m too lazy to think of a topic and to type on the keyboard but after reading blogs of random people, I was inspired to write on my own site too. LMAO!


PS: I’m running out of ideas and what to write. LOL!!

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