Posted by: jpdcruz | November 3, 2010

It’s my time to shine!!

I considered November as my happiest month ever (even if it’s just starting. LOL!). The reason is, I was featured on Manila Street Style’s My Style. Weeee!! I’m very happy!!! 🙂

Before I’ve started Lookbook-ing, I came to know first Manila Street Style (MSS). Hmmm what is MSS? It is a fashion site wherein the creators spot a person that they think has a swagger like in the malls, events etc. Sounds very stalk-ish stuff but they’re good people I guess. hehe! Also, in this site the readers can send their pics that can be featured on MSS’s My style section.

So last August 2010, I tried my luck to sent a pic on MSS hoping that it’ll be featured on their site. Days, weeks, months have passed no e-mail or confirmation from creator/s of the site. I really got disappointed with that. Not until yesterday, someone messaged me on FB and it was MSS saying that I’m featured on their site. That was my happiest moment ever!!! 🙂

Here’s the link: if anyone wants to check on me there (Hoping!!). hehe!

Also, here are some snapshots of my 1st website appearance. LOL! Feeler much?? Enjoy! 🙂

Actually, I dint expect this to happen. I’m thinking that maybe MSS don’t like my style and rejected the pic I sent but they accepted and featured it on their site. Thank you MSS! Also, I wanna thank the 5 people who “heart-ed” my look. Thank you very much guys! It means a lot to me! I don’t who you are but it’s my pleasure to be “heart-ed” by all of you. 🙂


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