Posted by: jpdcruz | November 2, 2010

It hurts (2ne1 at its best)

Yesterday, 2ne1 released their new MV for “It hurts”. The theme goes perfectly with the halloween vibe. I must say, it is the saddest song I’ve heard on ’em and the coolest MV they have! Check it:

Dara is the female lead in this vid and dang she’s so beautiful even with that very “broom” like hair. I must praised Dara’s acting too. Exceptional! This MV almost brought me to tears. The other members look good too. They definitely have the style and angst to wear anything.

In fact, I only check youtube for 2ne1’s updates and they definitely don’t fail to surprise and amaze me! Go 2ne1! Fighting! 🙂



  1. 2ne1 is the only kpop group i listen to.
    the best.

    • Hi Liz! Thanks for dropping by on my blog. Oh yeah same here! They’re the reason why I youtube-ing everyday. hehe! Though I find other YG talents interesting. 🙂

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