Posted by: jpdcruz | October 31, 2010

2011 Wish list!

Top priority: Canon Powershot SX130 IS

My love for cameras and photography started few years back and the urge of having these get stronger and stronger as time goes by. Actually, I’m viewing Canon’s website at least twice a month to see if they release a new DSLR camera but at a low price. Then, they posted this one. Powershot SX130 IS worth almost Php 16,000. Very cheap compared to other DSLR cameras. Plus, the specs that I wanted are all here.

I’ve already spoke with my parents about this and I hope they’ll surprise me one day. (But I’m not expecting too much though. I knew ’em) *sigh*

2nd: Apple Ipod touch iOS 4

I want this not because I need it. I want it because everybody has it. I’m a music junkie but not an ipod lover when they 1st release worldwide. I’m okay with mp3s and stuffs or any device that can support music files not until ipod touch became so famous. Almost half of my blockmates have their own ipods and almost everywhere I saw people with ipods. FML! I don’t have one. I thought I’m gonna be contented with the recent phone that I bought but no. I want an ipod already!! We’re in the “techie” era and everyone wants to get in, so am I.

PS: I saw the specs of this newest ipod touch that it can capture videos in HD and I was like “WHOA!”

3rd: Leather black chukka

When I was browsing UO looking for shoes few months back, this one attracted me the most. I find it very simple but chic. Unfortunately, I can’t find a store/shop that sells this kind of shoes only UO. Sad. 😦

Another version of chukka. Love the metallic color and everything about it. I hope some good-hearted people get a chance to read my blog and willing to give me any of these two. 🙂

4th: Cheap Monday acid-washed jeans


Another wish that’s too far to be mine. Sad to say there’s no Cheap Monday in here. If I wanna have their products I need to go abroad or order online and have it shipped here. *sigh* I’ll just look for brands available here that have the same design or almost close like these.

Compared to my previous wish lists, this one is attainable within 6 months to 1 year. That’s why I put 2011 not 2010. I just hope and wish I could get all of these!!! 🙂

55 days left before Christmas day!! Yoohoo!!

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