Posted by: jpdcruz | October 23, 2010

I got INCed!

Finally, I’m back on track after a few days. As the title goes (INC=Incomplete), I was marked “INC” in one of my subjects. Damn, I wanna get INKed but not this way! Well, I’m kinda expecting it but not that much. I know I’m not good on that subject but I should’ve do better ‘cuz I know I can. On the positive side, I’m just thinking that maybe God has a purpose why he gave me this experience. Also, I thank my Prof ‘cuz he gave me another chance to prove that I can pass his subject.

Yesterday, I went to school to meet with my Prof along with my other classmates who got an “INC” mark too. I thought we were going to have a qualifying exam. Luckily he just asked us to pass a term paper due in a week. Last year 1st sem, I’ve experienced failing in my one subject and repeated it this summer. The 1st time ever in my entire student life! My summer was bombarded with lots of things like summer class and OJT. In short say, I DINT ENJOY my summer! Now, same thing will happen. I thought I’ll gon’ have a peaceful and stressless sem break but I was wrong. I WON”T ENJOY my sem break too! 😦

Being a student is not that easy. College life is little too hard on me. Hopefully, this coming sem all my subjects will not be that difficult ‘cuz I can’t afford to fail since I’m a graduating stud. Please! GV may be with me!!


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