Posted by: jpdcruz | October 19, 2010

Sem Break

Read an article on Manila Bulletin about things to do on sem break and thought of posting it here.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your Sem break
October 19, 2010, 1:23pm
MANILA, Philippines – Semestral break – a couple of weeks of no classes, a much-needed break from recitations and quizzes. No idea yet on how to spend the sem break away from annoying classmates and haughty professors? Here are 10 ways to make the most of your weeks off.

1. ROAD TRIP. Sometimes road trips are really just about getting some good friends or your family together. Pool your resources, hit the road and see where it takes you. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and update your Twitter or Facebook every time.

2. READ. Forget textbooks, read something for enjoyment. With a good book you can essentially travel to anywhere in the world – for free.

3. DVD/MOVIE MARATHON. A cheap way to bond with family or friends is to watch an entire season of your favorite TV show or movies on DVD. Two days should be enough to get through a season of a sitcom or three for an hour-long drama.

4. VOLUNTEER WORK. Feel like doing a good deed? Volunteer for a cause-oriented group like Gawad Kalinga or Habitat for Humanity. Not only are you helping a family in need, this is also an opportunity to travel and be with your friends.

5. EXERCISE. Get with the program. Make a work-out playlist on your iPod and hit the gym. If the gym is not for you, gather your friends for a run or biking.

6. GET A MAKEOVER. Do not be afraid to try new things. Shop for a new outfit, make up, or accessories. Head to the spa for a mani/pedi, facial, and massage (or all three!). Get a new haircut. Show off a new you for the next semester.

7. DECLUTTER. Get rid of clutter that you no longer need. Pull out your storage containers and trash bags for some sem break cleaning. Go through clothes in your drawers and closets and separate items you want to give to charity, or sell even for extra cash.

8. GET A JOB. The school year tends to fly by and before you know it, you’re in a scramble to get an internship. Start preparing now by updating your resume. Research for on the job training or internships, particularly the ones in your field of interest. Some companies actually start accepting applications for OJT this early. So scope out what you need to have and start applying. At the end of the semester, you can just focus on acing your exams rather than scrambling for a good internship.

9. THESIS/HOMEWORK. It’s not actually that appealing but when else will you have an uninterrupted time for it. This is one of those options that will pay off later. Look ahead at readings and assignments. An hour or two a day is all it takes to make a big difference.

10. SLEEP. This one is no-brainer. You probably already had this last option booked into your schedule. (Jaser A. Marasigan)
Credits to: Manila Bulletin FB page

Actually, all that are listed here really goes perfectly on me.

1. I do really wanna go on a road trip. I even asked my mom if we’ll go on the province this coming November to have a vacay but she hasn’t give me her answer yet. I’d also like to go on a tour by myself. My top picks are Baguio, Ilocos Sur (Pagudpud), and Subic. Hopefully, I can squeeze this on my sched. Plus, I need money!!

2. Read? Not a fan but recently I’m reading a book I found when we did a general cleaning on our house. It’s all about how to overcome one’s fear by Marilyn Hickey. I find it nice and interesting and I’m on way to chapter 3! Yippeee! 🙂

3. Yup I’m doing Vampire Diaries season 1 marathon by myself. I’m loving this series and sometimes freaks me out! Better than Twilight?? Hmmm.. Idk but for me they’re of the same level.

4. Nah! I don’t think I was created to do volunteer work! I can work but not voluntarily. In this world these days, nothing is FREE! Agree?? 😀

5. Sigh! As much as I wanted to exercise the weather’s bad lately and the village that I usually go to was already closed for outsiders. I just wish we have a treadmill in the house. Maybe I can include that on my Christmas wishlist?? Hmm. Good idea!! 🙂

6. I’m planning to have a hair makeover before sem break but now I was discouraged ‘cuz I had my haircut for the thesis defense so it got shorter and now I need to wait weeks/months before it get longer again. The makeover that I’m planning is completely devastated! 😦

7. This is my top priority when sem break comes ‘cuz I felt like I’m living in a dump site with all mess surrounding me after the busy days on school. Now, I felt like I’m in heaven with peaceful view on my room! hehe!

8. I’m already done with the internship last summer so this should not be on my list!

9. Damn! whenever I hear the word thesis it feels like a nightmare! The stress and sleepless night that it gave! Who wants that life?? Thank God we’re already over it and hopefully we pass. PLEASE!!!

10. Last but not the least!!! SLEEP!! One thing that I’ll never forget in sem break after the hard days on school! Too much sleep is bad though! hahaha! 🙂

Hayyy! I don’t want this sem break to end. I’ve only got 3 weeks to do all the things I wanna do and I hope I can squeeze in all the stuffs that I’m planning for me say that I’ve enjoyed my sem break!! 🙂

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