Posted by: jpdcruz | October 17, 2010

Crying Tigers (UAAP 73)

When: September 5, 2010
Where: Araneta Coliseum, Cubao

Suddenly thought of posting this ‘cuz this will be my last year in UST and in that span of time we dint win the UAAP Men’s basketball. It’s just sad ‘cuz before our batch entered the university, UST won. Idk what happened in the succeeding years. Maybe lack of practice? “Best” players are gone? Team coordination? Lot have been said but no one really don’t know what was the root cause. I just hope in the coming years, UST will regain its title on the UAAP men’ basketball division.

First game: FEU vs UP

the epic UP Pep squad on halftime

the UP team

the giant score board!

Upper A: FEU crowd, Patron: mixed crowd from UP and FEU

The beautiful courtside reporter of UP, Riki Flores! 🙂

FEU won against UP. Wasn’t able to capture the final score on the 1st game.

Main game: ADMU vs UST

We were seated on the supposed UST side but Ateneans invaded the whole venue. As much as we wanted to cheer for UST, we can’t ‘cuz we were being surrounded by Ateneans. *sigh*

ADMU on blue, UST on white

Ateneans dominating the place!

Chris Camus on the FT

Majority of the UST crowd were losing their faith on the team ‘cuz they were clearly losing it. The score was major landslide. 😦

score on the 3rd qtr. 😦

Thanks to this guy! He brightened up our day and ease everything what we felt during the game. 😀

Stunner! lol

Look how many thomasians were present on the game compared to the opponent.

UST crowd

Still the performance shown by the team was not enough to overtake ADMU’s score.

score on the 4th qtr

Damn! after the large difference in the previous quarters, the Tigers managed to come up this close!! So proud of ’em! 😀


Final score! their best wasn’t good enough!

Final 😦

Better luck next season Tigers!!! I hope we grab the championship not only in men’s basketball but overall! 🙂


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