Posted by: jpdcruz | October 7, 2010

2 days of heavenly foods!

Wednesday night, I dint expect my Dad to brought me a big mac. When he got it out from his bag, I was damn excited to eat it. I know I may sound like “patay-gutom” but that was a big mac. T’was not just the regular burger.  So before it got in to my stomach, I took some pics.


Big Mac!






Whatta face! 😀


The next day, Thursday, my dad brought me a sandwich again from Tropical Hut. It was just a typical sandwich at first look but once you tasted it, you’ll forgot everything and you’ll feel like heaven! 🙂


Rancho-Ranchero from TH



Damn, 4 slices!



The face again w/ Go USTe sign above!


I hope everyday is full of heavenly foods. 🙂 But this sem break, promise to lose all the calories I gain this stressful sem. Hello jogging! 😀

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