Posted by: jpdcruz | October 4, 2010

Korean Experience!

Me and my friends are trying hard Korean wanna-bes. Everything about South Korea makes us smile. So when one Korean resto opened up in Dapitan, we got excited ‘cuz we can now taste Korean foods.

My Jajang Myun (Black Spaghetti)

What's this called Ma? Forgot it.

Mama's sweet and sour pork and Steph's rice cakes. Forgot their Korean names. 🙂

Yummy rice cakes!

These are my faves! Pang Toa (Korean Ice cream sandwich)

Jajang Myun

Chocolate on the left, Vanilla on the right! Like 'em both! 🙂

Location: Hanayo, Antonio St., Dapitan

In all fairness, Korean food isn’t that bad, isn’t that good either. Maybe because I’m used to Pinoy cuisine. But I love the Kimchi plus the meat sidings on my Jajang Myun. Pang Toa is definitely the best!

For sure, this will not be the last time we’ll visit Hanayo. Promise! 🙂


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